From the very beginning, the Voicingers Festival has focused on building an international community of artists and fans of live music. The International Jazz Challenges for Singing Musicians, as well as our networking activities like Voicingers On Tour and Voicingers Showcase, have contributed to this greatly over the years. Voicingers on Tour (VOT) is the only Polish, and one of very few European travelling festivals. VOT has already reached the European and Asians countries (Great Britain, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, China and Korea) and is preparing for setting off to Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Our International team of 26 people, operating in 15 countries, takes  care of this huge international artistic endeavor. The formula of the festival is similar wherever VOT goes. 


We organize and conduc: 

– Artistic residencies, thanks to which new music is created in new, previously non-existent, intercultural musical constellations, presented in the form of concerts at the Voicingers On Tour Festival

– Evening music-making (jam sessions) attended by local artists, workshop participants and musicians traveling with Voicingers On Tour

– International music workshops for professionals and live music fans, conducted in English and in local languages and organized in small towns like Jablonec, Nisou and Bernburg and large metropolises such as Copenhagen, Riga, Paris, London, Dhaka or Saigon with local communities in mind but also available for Voicingers fans willing to travel along with the festival. 


Do you want to come with us to Paris, Kopenhagen, Dhaka or Saigon? Ask how it is possible by writing an email to