No matter what kind of music you love the most or where you are currently on your musical path, Voicingers vocal workshops is an artistic space that will open your head and broaden your imagination and perception of the world of music around you. Participation in our workshops is a time full of inspiring meetings with wonderful people as well as wise and experienced teachers, time to observe yourself in new situations defined by communing with music. During Voicingers workshops you will meet many inspiring artists – local and foreign, you will be able to experience live music creation in class and on stage during a number of evening jam sessions.

The aim of the workshop is to learn new skills, discover new paths alongside people who have been creating this festival for many years in different, often distant places around the world. Through everyday participation in classes, contact with workshop participants and our lecturers, their comprehensive experience and professionalism, you will come across various aspects of vocal artistry. Elements of free improvisation, the rhythms of the world, the jazz mainstream, English pronunciation or the art of making your voice heard, called gloomily vocal emission, will enrich you as a creative and sensitive person.

The time of the workshops are days filled with classes, concerts, shared meals and evening music. There are four hour-and-a-half meetings every day, the last of which is listening to music together – sharing inspirations that are important to us. The classes are tailored to your needs, so please write about yourself when registering. Our workshops are a space for music-making both for those whose adventure with sounds is just beginning and for those who have experienced their energy for a long time as a performer familiar with the stage.

The culmination of our week of musical experiences is a concert of workshop participants recorded in the form of audio and video accompanied by the international group of the Voicingers jazz instrumentalists.

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