5th Voicingers Showcase
Our Way To Promote Artists
Żory, August 18-26, 2022

Voicingers Showcase is a creative space for musicians. Our main goal is to promote Polish bands and the cooperation of Polish and foreign musicians after combining them into special projects some of which are then presented in subsequent editions of the Voicingers Festival – the international music scene currently operating in ten countries in Europe and Asia. Our intention is to present the most original and still little known projects from a wide range of musical genres, the axis of which is the element of improvisation and the interpretative nature of the performance. Originality and high artistic value are their common denominator.

Being aware of the need for activities creating an opportunity for networking and information exchange, in the Voicingers Showcase 2022 program, in addition to organizing strictly concert events, we will focus on creating conditions favorable to this type of exchange, therefore meetings and matchmaking will be an important element of Voicingers Showcase 2022.

One of our ideas for promoting artists through Showcase is presenting international “Voicingers Special” projects, created as part of typical festival activities. Thanks to the results of our many years of networking work, the artists presented at the showcase will have a chance to present themselves to a group of domestic and foreign promoters and to establish cooperation with the Voicingers Network.

Showcase concerts are planned in various locations in Żory: in the Old Town, in the Municipal Cultural Center and Texas Club, and in Zabrze: Guido Mine.

Information about invited professionals and performing bands coming soon!


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