Radio Voicingers (RV) is an ongoing Voicingers Festival’s project in progress.

Its goal is to create and share a multidimensional mix of music – the essence of what we, the Voicingers artists, find the most intriguing, entertaining as well as friendly to listen to. As performing professionals we have been around the block not once, not even twice searching for the right honey after all :]

RV is to become a music platform made for you so you can easily discover new landscapes of music from all times, genres and cultures without being bugged by the necessity of advertising and feeding news. RV will operate as non-profit according to the concept of a listener-supported radio. Its existence will entirely depend on RV’s linsteners’ donations meant to support the Voicingers Festival – the very institution responsible for the RV’s financial and legal requirements.

The cornerstone of the RV playlist (no algorithms used to create them and more than 2000 tunes have been selected so far) reflects our respect and love for music.

We want our playlists to showcase what our listeners believe would be a nice fit for the RV’s sound. With its interactive concept, the RV’s listeners will be able to share their favorite music with us.

RV Djs – artists performing on a regular basis will create exciting playlists and broadcast them from wherever they are as they travel for and with music themselves. Their laptops equipped with custom made playlist editors (being built as we speak) will make the task easy while giving it a custom, humane aftertaste.

We believe you will enjoy listening to RV as much as we do.