Martyna Kubiak – vocalist, leader of the Ranne Ptaszki band, songwriter, teacher. She combines her academic education in jazz vocal with the search for the truth about healthy singing and its therapeutic effect on the body and mind. In writing songs, she found a way to express her exuberant emotionality, and in singing them, she finds a chance to regulate the tendency to tension in the body. She pursues his artistic ambitions mainly in his own projects, but also in cooperation with artists such as Mateusz Trembaczowski – Music Mahal, Mattenia; Gabriela Blacha – Wesoły Wędrownik, Karol Pyka. In 2016, she won the Grand Prix in the International Jazz Competition for Singing Musicians – Voicingers in Żory. In 2024, she released her second album with her band, „W Pełni”.