18 sierpnia, 15:00 MOK, wstęp wolny

4th JazzBus Showcase

Promocja Artystów po Naszemu


15.00 Parnas Brass Band


Parnas Brass Band - the formation was founded in 2016 at the famous Jazz Department in Katowice. Their repertoire includes not only their own compositions, but also covers of world hits of popular music in original, unique arrangements. The band owes its originality primarily to the unusual instruments, which result in a unique sound. The musicians of the Parnas Brass Band move fluently between many genres, but the easiest to catch are elements of jazz and pop.

The first year of PBB's activity focused on street concerts, which was an attempt to cultivate the tradition started by New Orleans bands. The band has performed hundreds of such concerts all over Europe. Currently, their activities focus on festivals / clubs. Their music could be heard at such festivals as Pol'and'Rock Festival, Voicingers, Light Move Festival, Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa, Silesian Jazz Festival, Świdnickie Noce Jazzowe, Love Polish Jazz Festival.

In 2017, the debut album of Parnas Brass Band was released. „Z chodnika do radioodbiornika." In the following years, the singles "Patrz na mnie" and "102" appeared successively. PBB made a guest appearance on the album of the legendary Polish punk rock band Big Cyc entitled "30 lat z wariatami", which was released in 2019.

All PBB members are musicians with extensive stage experience who also work on their own projects on a daily basis.


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16.30 Manu Domergue's Pebble In The Shoe


Son of sculptor Jean-Paul Domergue and poet Monique Domergue, and the youngest of four musician siblings, Manu Domergue started his musical studies early, at the Valence Conservatory, learning classical French horn with Yves Stocker. At the age of thirteen, he applied to Jazz Action Valence, got his musical training diploma the following year, and then earned two diplomas in both classical and jazz French horn (unusual for this style) and two certificates: jazz piano and classical singing. His discovery of the sound of singer-trumpeter Chet Baker and his encounter with the trombonist Francesco Castellani encouraged Manu to practice his voice as an instrument, and to approach the instrument like a voice. He then moved to California to widen his vocal jazz knowledge with educator Roger Letson. When he returned to his homeland, he brought back with him a rare musical instrument from the US, the marching French horn, also known as the mellophone. He has been exploring the instrument’s possibilities in jazz and other types of music ever since. In 2009, he was accepted to the Jazz Department of the National Superior Conservatory of Paris headed by Riccardo Del Fra. Over the following years, he developed Raven, a jazz quartet exploring the theme of the blackbird’s myths and symbols, through two albums and a hundred concerts around the world. Manu’s research into tales would lead him to meet numerous storytellers and make new partnerships within the Renewing of Storytelling’s scene (Abbi Patrix, Pepito Mateo,…). His concerns about ecological issues also led him to found, with Raven’s members, the Slow Tour concept, a way of touring with minimal carbon emissions. This critically acclaimed project named “Opération Modestine” took place in the summer of 2016 on the famous Stevenson Trail, traveling on foot with donkeys, and all the equipment and instruments for the tour’s events and concerts. A regular instrumentalist at the Cité de la Musique in Paris and teacher at the Didier Lockwood Music Center since 2015, he holds a keen interest for education and became a partner of Voicingers on Tour, directed by vocalist Grzegorz Karnas, then organized the French edition of the festival in 2019.

Manu has been involved in a large number of collaborations with musicians such as : Riccardo Del Fra, Thierry Eliez, Carine Bonnefoy, Mônica Passos, Roy Hargrove, Samy Decoster, Magma. He has also worked with the Franco-Malian group Lanaya and the pop band B R OAD WAY among others.



Manu Domergue 2


18.00 Ziółek Kwartet


Band was formed by pianist and composer Grzegorz Ziółek.
The quartet consists of young Polish jazz musicians from various regions of Poland, featuring
Marcin Elszkowski on trumpet, Miłosz Berdzik on drums, Piotr Narajowski on double bass. Each
of them has performed at notable Jazz Festivals in Poland and abroad such as Warsaw Summer
Jazz Days, Jazz Nad Odra, Copenhagen's Jazz Days, Umbria Jazz. The band has been awarded
first prize in such competitions as Jazz Juniors and Blue Note Poznan Competition. Members of
the band are also students and alumni of such Universities as Berklee College of Music, Academy
of Music in Krakow, Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music.





19.30  András Dés Trio


Although András Dés considers himself as a contemporary improvisative musician he started his studies of classical percussion at the age of seven. Later his interests turned towards the instruments used in different sorts of folk music and finally he graduated from the Jazz Faculty of Ferenc Liszt Music Academy in 2005. Over the past years, Dés has developed his own percussion set: with his right hand he plays like a drummer and with his left hand like a percussionist. As a member of numerous successful jazz bands he has been touring all around the world and has played at many important venues such as Carnegie Hall, Covent Garden, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, the Damascus Opera House, the Jerusalem Theatre, the Cairo Jazz Festival or the Shanghai World Expo. As a percussionist, he has contributed to almost 100 albums, four out of them (“Unquiet Stillness” 2009, “Tourist No 1” 2014, “The Worst Singer In The World” 2017 “Einschließlich” 2020) as a leader. He has also composed several film and theatre scores. Throughout his career, Dés has been crossing borders between genres. Some major stages were playing in the bands of great Hungarian folk singers, being the member of the popular group Jazz+Az and working with the outstanding contemporary composer, Péter Eötvös. As a jazz musician he has worked with performers such as Miklós Lukács, Elemér Balázs, Zsolt Kaltenecker, Palle Mikkelborg, Frank London, Charlie Mariano, Theodossii Spassov, Ferenc Snétberger, Jack DeJohnette, Gerard Presencer, Eivind Aarset, Mihály Borbély, Eric Truffaz, Grzegorz Karnas, Aga Zaryan, Leila Martial, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Mahan Mirarab and Chris Potter. And of course he has been working a lot with his father, the composer and saxophone player, László Dés. His openness to diverse froms of art is not limited to music. Apart from collaborations with writers and poets, he is also the author and performer of the solo theatre piece “Unblinking”. His last album, Einschließlich (released by BMC Records) was recorded in the woodlands of Bakony and András didn’t take his usual set of percussion with him for the recording session, but chose instead to play on the trees, the stones and the water: the forest itself. 


Andras Des