Grzegorz Karnas
Vocalist born in Upper Silesia, in Poland, in a family devoid of musical traditions. Karnas collaborated with Polish jazz legends and leading artists of the European jazz scene. Noticing through the jury, journalists and the audience opened his band to concert tours in many parts of the world. Since 2008, Karnas is the spiritus movens of “Voicingers” Intercultural Encounters of Music and Expression. His album “KARNAS” released in 2011 by the Slovak label Hevhetia and recordings of his live performances in Budapest recorded by the Hungarian label BMC Records as the albums AUDIO BEADS (2012) and VANGA (2014) were quite successful, making Karnas a characteristic element of European jazz scene. He is a polyglot fluent in English, French and Russian. Organizer of several Asian concert tours. Coordinator of the international Voicingers On Tour festival. Event Manager. He has performed in Europe, Africa and Asia. 
Natalia Kordiak
The artist nominated for the award of the Polish Phonographic Academy “FRYDERYK 2020” in the category PHONOGRAPHIC DEBUT OF THE YEAR – JAZZ. Her debut, authorial album “BAJKA”, which she created with her Quintet, released in October 2019 by the prestigious Slovak label HEVHETIA, only after a few months was included in the summaries of the Best Jazz Albums of 2019 by Jazz Forum Magazine and Polish.jazz.blogspot. Her voice, apart from the broadly understood singing, is treated as another instrument using various means of expression. In music, she values the authenticity of dialogue, being present and creating a space where the boundary between reason and madness is blurred, and reality becomes an abstraction. 
Grzegorz Masłowski
Drummer, graduate of the Music Academy Karol Szymanowski in Katowice, as well as the Music Academy in Krakow. Mainly associated with the Krakow jazz environment. Winner of many individual and team awards at international and national competitions. He collaborates with many leading artists of the Polish jazz scene, including with Janusz Muniak or Piotr Baron. Photographer. Pedagogue. English teacher. He performed in Africa, Europe and Asia. 

András Dés

Although András Dés considers himself as a contemporary improvisative musician he started his studies of classical percussion at the age of seven. Later his interests turned towards the instruments used in different sorts of folk music and finally he graduated from the Jazz Faculty of Ferenc Liszt Music Academy in 2005. Over the past years, Dés has developed his own percussion set: with his right hand he plays like a drummer and with his left hand like a percussionist. As a member of numerous successful jazz bands he has been touring all around the world and has played at many important venues such as Carnegie Hall, Covent Garden, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, the Damascus Opera House, the Jerusalem Theatre, the Cairo Jazz Festival or the Shanghai World Expo. As a percussionist, he has contributed to more than 90 albums, three out of them (“Unquiet Stillness” 2009, “Tourist No 1” 2014, “The Worst Singer In The World” 2017) as a leader. He has also composed several film and theatre scores.

Edgard Sanchez Moyano

A Colombian musician, composer and bassist, born in the capital of Colombia – Bogotá. Popularizer of Latin American music. At the age of 13, he received his first guitar from his father, and his musical education began in the high school group “Restrepo Millán”, where the repertoire mainly included Andean Colombian music, and thus he developed his guitar technique among rhythms such as bambuco, pasillo, guabina and others. His musical education continued at National Pedagogical University in Bogotá. Simultaneously with learning to play the classical guitar, he became an electric bass guitar teacher at  National Pedagogical University. He has traveled all over the world, drawing inspiration from his music. Since 2009, he has been conducting annual percussion and rhythm workshops during the “Voicingers”. He also conducted music workshops for children and young people as part of the Little Jazz Academy organized in various cities in Silesia. In 2010, he recorded the album “Domingo” inspired by Colombian rhythms and enriched with Polish music, and in 2011 the album Garujazz was created.

Mariusz Praśniewski

Mariusz Praśniewski, a double bass player, graduate of the Danish National Academy of Music in Odense, Denmark. During his scholarship at the Academy of Music and Drama, Geteborg, Sweden he studied under Anders Jormin. Currently he is a member of a few Polish, Danish and Polish/German/Swiss formations such as Maciej Czajkowski Trio, Massaka Storytelling Ensemble or Grzegorz Klarnas Formula. One of the most promissing Polish bass players.

Alan Wykpisz

One of the most awarded double bass players among the Polish young generation of jazz musicians. A graduate of the Academy of Music in Kraków. Currently a student of the Katowice Academy of Music Jazz Department considered the most prestigious in Poland during his Ph.D studies. His flag formation is called High Definition. Nominated to Fryderyk 2014 (Polish Grammy). Awarded in numerous jazz competitions: Jazz Hoeilaart 2011, Bass 2012 Copenhagen, Denmark, Tarnów International Jazz Contest 2014, Poland. He received a scholarship from the Minister of Culture three times! A cool Guy!

Adam Wajdzik

Polish drummer, born in 1997. A graduate of the Academy of Music in Krakow. Winner of numerous awards at prestigious competitions. He is a co-creator of the album “Abstract” by the Andrzej Kowalski Quartet created as part of the Jazz Phonographic Debut 2019 program carried out by the Institute of Music and Dance, and the album was nominated for a Fryderyk award. Wajdzik has also performed at many excellent festivals, including Enter Enea Festival, Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, Nisville Jazz Festival (Serbia), Fara Jazz Festival (Italy), International Jazz Pianists Festival in Kalisz, Sopot Jazz Festival, Kansai Music Conference ( Japan), Jazz on the Odra, Jazz Juniors or Jazz Jantar.

Mateusz Kołakowski

A classical piano graduate of the Academy of Music in Katowice, holder of a Berklee College of Music scholarship, winner of various piano competitions, including “Chopin for the Youngest” in Antonin, XXX International Piano Competition in Usti (Czech Republic), Polish National Piano Competition I.J. Paderewski in Kartuzy, the 3rd Jazz Piano Competition M. Solala in Paris, Montreux Jazz Piano Competition. He received the “Guarantee of Culture 2009” award from TVP Kultura and the Grand Prix of Jazz Melomani. He has performed in the USA, Chile, Kenya, Cuba and Eropa, in places such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Jazz Pianists Festival in Prague, the International Festival of Improvised Music Ad Libitum and many more.

Daniel Sommer

A Danish drummer living in Copenhagen. Being born (1987) in Aarhus, Denmark in a musical family Daniel Sommer has always been surrounded by music. He started playing drums when he was 5 years old and started to perform with different bands when he was 13 years old. He is widely known for his sensitive and creative drumming and he has been touring all over the world. Sommer has contributed to a wide range of releases ranging from minimalist avant-garde to highly swinging straight ahead – which has won great praise among critics. Sommer’s musical flexibility and sharp contrasts create the right conditions for the music  to never lose its grip. He holds a Master’s degree in Music from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and The Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.  Sommer is an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma / Soloist Line of Study (A.P.D) from the Danish National Academy of Music.

Benjamin Jacobsen

Pianist based in Northern Sealand, Denmark. A noted pianist in the band Little North (DK) where his lyrical playing and inimitable nordic sound can be heard on critically acclaimed albums such as “Finding Seagulls” (2021) and “Familiar Places” (2022) released on April Records. Excelling in small group settings with a high degree of awareness and improvisation, his influences can be traced to the vibrant music scene of New York and the melancholy of Scandinavian folk music and jazz. After attaining a Master of Composition degree from Odense Conservatory he can regularly be found in Denmark accompanying singers, choirs and theatre productions.

Mads Nørgaard

Mads Nørgaard is a Danish guitar player from Copenhagen who works in the intersection between jazz, rock, Jimi Hendrix and afrobeat. He’s into ambient flows, rough sounds and improvised spaces. At the moment Mads is playing with an alternative pop/rock-band called Lucky Lo and a Fela Kuti-inspired jazz quartet called Bæst. Mads is looking forward to meeting and playing with you all!