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If you wanna enjoy all concert evenings of the Voicingers Festival you can buy a collected ticket for all 3 concerts for only 150DKK. The price for each individual concert is 59DKK.

Grzegorz Karnas Formula
Friday September 22nd – Metronomen 19:00
When Grzegorz Karnas starts improvising, there’s no limits to his imagination. No concert of his ever sound the same, so prepare yourself for a spectacular live music experience.
Groovy, energetic, and at times abstract with a hefty dose of improvisation. Initiator of the traveling festival Voicingers on Tour, the Polish vocalist Grzegorz Karnas is an unusual bird. His unique voice and singular intonations are marked by his passion for language and culture. His approach to the stage and his uncompromising improvisations make him a very special entity on the international jazz scene. Halfway between storytelling, performance and avant-garde jazz.
Tickets can be bought in the entrance.
Price: 59DKK

Manu Domergue
Saturday September 23rd – Metronomen 19:00
Experiencing Manu Domergue perform is entirely fascinating. His voice, body and soul is all music, and you’re in for an incredible night of live music.
Emanuel “Manu” Domergue is a remarkable French singer, mellophone player, improviser and composer. He studied jazz, classical music and jazz singing at the conservatory in Valence, France. He also studied jazz singing in California. He is an experienced and acclaimed teacher, working with professionals and amateurs. He has collaborated with artists such as Mônica Psaaos, Roy Hargrove, Magma, and the Carine Bonnefoy Orchestra. “When Domergue is not singing, he recites, playing the accompanying instruments as if he were a soloist, an equally coherent role from start to finish, a little crazy, eccentric and more than fascinating…” – Franck Bergerot – Jazzmagazine.
Tickets can be bought in the entrance.
Price: 59DKK


Voicingers All Star + participants
Sunday September 24th – Musikhøjskolen Frederiksberg 19:00
A promise of an unexpectedly strong musical experience. Jazz with melodic colors, accents and grooves is combined with rock riffs and free improvisation. On this final day of the Voicingers Festival in Copenhagen, the artists and teachers involved in this years festival joins together on stage to perform an unforgettable concert. Some of the participants of this years workshops gets a chance to join their teacher’s on stage and put into practice what they have learned and explored during the course of the festival.
Tickets can be bought in the entrance.
Price: 59DKK


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