Grzegorz Karnas

Polish singer, music producer, teacher, jazz promoter and linguist born in Upper Silesia, Poland, to a family devoid of academic musical traditions. Karnas has worked with Poland’s jazz legends as well as with top-line artists of Europe’s jazz scene. Awarded Grand Prix of jazz singers’ competitions in Poland, Belgium and France. His being notice by te juries, journalists and audiences got his Karnas Formula touring in Europe, Asia and Africa at major jazz festivals and in clubs. Since 2008 Karnas has been the spiritus movens of Intercultural Gathering for Creativity, Music and Expression “Voicingers” – an event contributing to both promotion of young jazz musicians as well as music education. His album under the title “KARNAS” was produced in 2011 by a Slovak label Hevhetia and his live performances from Budapest became successful releases under the Hungarian label BMC Records as Audio Beads (2012) and Vanga (2014) makig Karnas a distinctive element of the European jazz scene. Excepts form Karnas’ Chinese tour recordings have been released by Hevhetia under the title Powe Kiss (2017).

Grzegorz Masłowski 

Drummer, graduated from the Music Academy in Katowice and also Music Academy in Cracow. Related mostly to Cracovian jazz scene. Winner of numerous prizes in international music competitions like Getxo Jazz Festival (Spain), Jazz Juniors (Poland), Jazz nad Odra (Poland), Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa (Poland), Tarnow International Jazz Contest (Poland). Awarded with the “Mloda Polska 2016” scholarship granted by the Ministry of Culture for outstanding musical achievements. He also received the “Andel” award for the Best Jazz Album in Czech Republic in 2012 with the called Inner Spaces and nomination for the “Fryderyk” award for the “Phonographic Jazz Debut of the Year 2017” in Poland with Kajetan Borowski Trio. He is an improviser working with the cream of the European jazz musicians. Cooperates mostly with the bands: Grzegorz Karnas Formula, Coherence Quartet, Inner Spaces (PL/CZ), Organ Spot, Adam Kawończyk Quartet, Kajetan Borowski Trio, Darek Dobroszczyk Trio, Szczypka/Kaletka Quintet, Pałka/Mika Quartet and many other musicians. Working with these groups has given him an opportunity to perform at the festivals and clubs on three continents. Enthusiastic pedagogue and outstanding photographer.

Manu Domergue

Remarkable French singer, mellophone player, improviser and composer. He studied jazz, classical music and jazz singing at the conservatory in Valence, France. He also studied jazz singing in California (on a Fulbright scholarship). His group Raven was selected for a number of competitions, especially the Crest Jaz Vocal 2013 competition, where they won the first prize for both the jurors and the audience. Their first album Chercheur d’orage released in 2015 was awarded “essential” by the French magazine JAZZ NEWS. He is an experienced and acclaimed teacher, working with professionals and amateurs. He has collaborated with artists such as Mônica Psaaos, Roy Hargrove, Magma, and the Carine Bonnefoy Orchestra. He is an experienced and acclaimed teacher (Centre Des Musiques Didier Lockwood, Paris). “When Domergue is not singing, he recites, playing the accompanying instruments as if he were a soloist, an equally coherent role from start to finish, a little crazy, eccentric and more than fascinating…” – Franck Bergerot – Jazzmagazine.

Filip Botor 

Double bassist and bass guitarist of the young generation, composer. Winner of team awards: Grand Prix Jazz nad Odrą 2023 (Product May Contain), Main Prize of the Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa Festival 2023 (Know Material). Active on the Polish and European scene, he collaborated with artists such as: Grzegorz Nagórski (Big Band Śląski), Grzegorz Karnas, Elchin Shirinov, Sam Levin. He performed, among others, in Oslo (INTL Jazz Platform 2022 Oslo Edition), Riga (Voicingers On Tour 2023), Ostrava (Czech Music Crossroads, Art & Life Festival 2023).