Vocal Contest

We are sorry to announce that due to the COVID-19 cricis, the Vocal Contest in 2020 is cancelled. 

See you in 2021!


Since the very beginning of its existance the Voicingers Festival has been creating opportunities for presenting artists – those young ones or those still unknown yet worth being noticed. Internationl Jazz Contest for Singing Musicians brought to Voicingers stages, during over ten years of its history, more than a hundred singers from all continents creating for them an opportunity to present their talents in front of an international group of promotors, journalists, collegues and festival audiences both local and visiting the festival events. 
Thanks to Vocingers' long standing cooperation with Slovak independent label Hevhetia, over the period of seven years only, there came to existance nineteen album productions - the releases distributed in over twenty countries. The festival has been a meeting place for dozens of foreign festivals organizers and journalists as well as for more then two hundred musicians from all over the globe. Voicingers Festival naturally became an intercultural hub and a melting pot where artistic ideas are conceived and born. Thanks to ever growing group of festival's partners those ideas travel abroad and start living their own lives. In cooperation with the festival around fifty concerts of sixteen groups in eleven countries has been organized so far. Every year the Voicingers Festival produces special projects-concerts of bands that come to existance thanks to the festival. The goal of those presenatations is to give incentive to international cooperation between musicians who still haven't had a chance to meet on stage together. The festival's goal is to create live music events, enegetic and full of freshness. A number of the Voicingers Festival productions has already been recorded and released for further promotion.
The festival is also the crative force behind a spring series of concerts under the name of Voicingers on Tour. They are organized in cooperation with Jazzovia cultural center of Gliwice, Yednist Jazz Festival from Kiev, a Slovak label Hevhetia from Košice and the Budapest Music Center. The Voicingers on Tour puts focus on presenting the artists whom it was impossible not to notice during the festival's contest (not only on the ones chosen by the jury) as well as some of the special projects produced over the years. The climax of the festival's presentations with the aim of promoting young artists comes in July during Jazz Open Stage Showcase. This is when a group of around fourty international promoters and journalists will listen to young artists.


Why Contest?
Although it is believed and commonly agreed to that competing is not the healthiest way to go through life, with its International Jazz Contest for Singing Musicians, VOICINGERS festival wishes to contribute to developing careers of the most gifted vocalists pursuing the difficult profession of a performing jazz musician, by helping to promote their talent through presenting their individual visions of musical expression. The adrenaline skyrocketing while performing with veteran musicians following nothing more than a single, brief rehearsal as well as that of a public performance, assessed by a panel of judges comprised of renowned, active professionals, musical journalists, festival organizers and promotors, provides an excellent setting for aspiring jazz vocalists to test their abilities.