About festival

The Voicingers festival was born in the era of "banal from the pedestal" to serve music, musicians and music lovers, and to cherish the hunger for live music experience, both among performers and listeners.

The Voicingers Festival supports the work of young professionals whose artistic path has already begun.

It is a perfect place to develop a creative approach to all forms of action as an indispensable condition of a wandering journey through the meanders of a life full of art and secrets.

That's why the festival:


- organizes the International Jazz Competition for Singing Musicians.

 (It takes place every two years in Zory, Upper Silesia.)


- educates young musicians during various individual classes and group Voicingers workshops.

Breathing techniques, improvisation, interpretation, rhythmic issues, articulation, relaxation, playing with a combo and improvised group singing are the phenomena that the Workshops at Jazz Collective Interaction and Open Forms focus on. They are intended for professional musicians as well as enthusiasts and amateurs.

The workshop is run by a group of international, active musicians and artists. The classes oscillate around jazz and improvised music.


- provides music education for entire families. Thanks to the artistic activities program for children, parents can share the live music experience with their children. When discovering the different faces of music, new bonds are created between generations.


- creates a chance to present for a new generation of musicians through the JazzBus Showcase organized in cooperation with the Slovak label Hevhetia. Ja promotors such as representatives of independent labels and organizers of jazz festivals from all around the world.


- builds a platform for international cooperation of musicians, promoters, journalists, labels, festivals, jazz contests and clubs - intercultural exchange of ideas through music.


- entertains a series of outdoor and non-open concerts in various locations in the Żory microregion. Nights with Live Music is the nightly jam session of the Voicingers festival.