Vocal Workshops / Instructors

Anna Gadt (Poland)

A singing woman who likes to unveil a secret through sound, word and silence. A teacher at the Jazz Institute of Academy of Music in Katowice. In music she exibits a romantic aapproach. She expresses it through courage and constant striving for artistic freedom. She also values spontaneity and the joy of making music together. An individial fascinated by Norway. She is not a fan of blatency. She loves strawberries.

Tomasz Kałwak (Poland)

 A composer, arranger, instrumentalist, music producer and pedagogue from Chorzów. He knows how to pour sounds from head onto paper. Uncrowned king of the sound layers in the background.

Elchin Shirinov (Azerbaijan)

A pianist. One of the leading musicians of the Azerbaijani jazz scene. He comes from a family with folk music traditions. Leader of his own trio with whom he performs on the European jazz scene. A true source of positive energy drawn from simplicity of being in which he was brought up. Fruitarian. Yoga instructor.

András Dés (Hungary)

One of the leading drummers of the Hungarian jazz scene. He played countless concerts with countless musicians almost all around the globe. He has participated in recordings of over eighty albums. Author of music made for fims and theatres. A true original and spectacular stage personality. A man with hyperactive emotional intelligence.

Edilson Sanchez (Columbia)

A colombian bass player, guitarist and percussionist. He comes from a musical culture of which the main element is rhythm improvised according to invariable structures. An instructor who will introduce their secrets in a fun atmosphere filled with dance moves. A man of a disarming nature. Typical Non-European!

Grzegorz Karnas (Poland)

An improvising vocalist, band leader, music producer, pedagogue with academic experience, supervisor. He has performed in Europe, Africa and Asia. A would-be Roman, English and Arabic philologist. Thanks to music, travel passions and life necessities he visited over forty countries. He likes to talk about phonetics, rhythm and being oneself. He likes, but he does not like either.

Sofia Ribeiro (Portugal)

A Portuguese jazz vocalist brought up in the fado tradition. A graduate of the music conservatory in Porto and a scholarship holder of the prestigious Berkley School of Music in Boston. A winner of competitions for jazz vocalists, active in stage and pedagogic work. A talented improviser who does not spare energy constantly invested in operating through charms of a southerner's smile.

Krzysztof Gradziuk (Poland)

A drummer and a jazz teacher comprehensively educated, experienced and titled. A graduate of the Jazz Institute of Academy of Music in Katowice. A scholarship holder of the Hohschule für Musik und Theater in Leipzig. A member of the RGG trio, one of the leading jazz bands in Poland. A permanent associate of top Polish jazz musicians, including Tomasz Stańko, in his new quartet. An esthet of percussive sound, a colorist and melody lover. The artistic truth he speaks is fed by his innate skepticism and the reluctance with which he approches any prospect of compromise.

Joanna Kucharczyk (Poland)

A singer, composer and pianist with academic education. She has performed in Poland, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Latvia. She collaborates with the Lalka Theater and the Comedy Club in Warsaw as an instrumentalist and music director. The premiere of her second album is planned for the autumn 2018. Seemingly gentle, she enchants the listener with a velvet of her air-saturated voice.

Manu Domerque (France)

Mellophone player and singer. He is an educated classicist and jazzman, a graduate of the Valencia Conservatoire and a Fullbright scholarship holder. In his career, he has collaborated with jazz personalities, orbiting the hermetic French scene. On a daily basis, the Raven formation frontman. An outsider in his own country, who, by the Vistula River, is close to a phrase "typical Frenchman”.

Beata Przybytek (Poland)

A titled vocalist, songwriter, the subject of critics' admiration, jazz teacher, laureate of competitions with six albums and cooperations with such artists as Wróblewski, Muniak, Śmietana, Wojtasik, Maseli or Karolak. Emotional woman who appreciates the importance of a witty punch line. Feeding on extremes, she smiles less often then she bursts with laughter. An artistic personality well contrasted within its clear outlines.