Vocal Workshops

Music Makers' Vocal Scene Workshops
┼╗ory, 9-22 July 2018

Improvisation can be a tool of expression through a language of music. It even can have it's own grammar, therefore it is possible for one who understands it to create an infinite variety of musical expressions in a fun relaxed spontaneous way. Music Makers' Vocal Scene Workshops aims for its participants - instrumentalists and singers interested in music making to benefit from charismatic energies of Voicingers teachers - outstanding active professionals. The workshop activities are intended to deepen the knowledge of music making's kitchen. Its particular elements will be discussed and practiced in manners easy to understand by those whose knowledge of music is intuitive and comes from listening only. Our goal is to provide information and practice of the basics of both jazz style (soloing, form, technique), as well as free improvisation (individually and in groups). Exploring the art of free expression through the use of simple measures, such as control of rhythm and melody, all based on the individual's characteristics, is what Music Makers' Vocal Scene Workshops focus on. For the whole duration of the Voicingers Festival the stage of Live Music Nights will give opportunity to put in practice all that the workshops deal with. Jam sessions with the cream of European jazz proffessionals available every night for the brave ones are where the true making-music-in-front-of-the-audience skills are forged.