Showcase / Program

21 July, Saturday
Żory Cultural Center, ul. Dolne Przedmieście 1, Żory

17:00 Food on Foot

18:00 Voicingers Showcase Set 1

Joanna Kucharczyk Quartet


Joanna Kucharczyk - vocal (Poland)

A singer, composer and pianist with academic education. She has performed in Poland, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Latvia. She collaborates with the Lalka Theater and the Comedy Club in Warsaw as an instrumentalist and music director. The premiere of her second album is planned for the autumn 2018. Seemingly gentle, she enchants the listener with a velvet of her air-saturated voice.

Mateusz Gawęda - piano (Poland)
Karol Domański - drums (Poland)
Mateusz Szewczyk - bass (Poland)


Mateusz Kołakowski Piano Improvised


Mateusz Kołakowski - piano solo

A virtuoso pianist whose colorful biography would lead many into a trap of pride. Although his talent put him on pedestals meant for winners of numerous and prestigious awards, in spite of his artistry being gloryfied by journalists while he was still in his boyhood, he did not renounce the virtue of modesty. An example of an artists who treats his work of splendor with a healthy distance. A scholarship holder of Berklee School of Music who performed in Asia, Africa, America and Europe. Single-hearted and straightforward. He definitely likes to play a hard poker.



DZIEDZIC feat. Envee & Olaf Węgier


Krzysztof Dziedzic - drums

An artist with an energized approach to action. Imbued with the charisma of the jazz world's greatest with whom he collaborated since his much younger days. Project DZIEDZIC feat. Envee & Olaf Węgier explores the fascination of the band with electronic music. The trio combines jazz music with electronics, improvisation with club sounds.

Envee - electronics
Olaf Węgier - saxophone

19:30 Coffe Cookie Wine Break

20:15 Voicingers Showcase Set 2

High Definition Quartet


High Definition Quartet is one of the most interesting and most successful Polish Jazz bands of the younger generation. Appreciated in Poland and abroad, the group has won plenty of rewards at prestigious jazz festivals and competitions. The quartet has collaborated with the American giant of the jazz trumpet Randy Brecker, with whom it toured Poland and the Persian Gulf countries. Invited for the most important Polish festivals, among others: Jazz nad Odrą, Jazztopad, Jazz Festival in Piwnica after Baranami. The band also had the opportunity to tour in Asia and North America. A strong formula!

Piotr Orzechowski (Pianohooligan) - piano
Mateusz Śliwa - saxophone
Grzegorz Pałka - drums
Alan Wykpisz - double bass


Gao Ping Voice Piano


Gao Ping - piano solo

Composer-pianist, born in Sichuan province, known for evocative textures and piano vocalization. A musician affected by China’s concurrent transformation from a collective to a market economy. The Chinese modern history's transitional phase between old and new and the productive cultural clash between East and West left traces that would later manifest in his music. As a pianist, Gao Ping’s repertoire is extensive. He has performed in many corners of the world. A professor in composition at the Conservatory of Music-Capital Normal University as well as a guest-professor at the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing. A hell of a colorful personality shaped by the culture of Far East.


Immortal Onion


Immortal Onion, a band from Tri-City, was founded in 2016. Their work inspired by the music of Esbjörn Svensson, Hiromi Uehara and Tigrana Hamasyana is difficult to classify, though eclectic. In their songs you can hear influences of jazz, film music, minimalism, fusion, electronic music, progressive metal. In spite of such stylistic discrepencies they managed to create their own recognizable language. They owe their characteristic sound to skilful combination of extremes with elements of minimalism. Ostinato people with vocation!

Ziemowit Klimek - bass, electronic
Tomir Śpiołek - piano
Wojtek Warmijak - drums

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