The Voicingers Festival during the eleven years of its existence has become a sort of music hub bringing together artists from different backgrounds and cultures. Live audio materials recorded during the festival would initially go to the drawer (in our archives there are still recordings from a few whole festival editions awaiting it mixing) although the intensity of the chemistry buzzing during Voicingers concerts demanded that these artistic meetings would not go into oblivion. We needed to wise up, though it took some time. As a result we started working on them on a regular basis. The testimony of our work, which has taught us a lot about audio and video live productions, is the material collected on our Youtube channel. The year of breakthrough was 2013, when the festival established cooperation with the Slovak label Hevhetia. It bore fruit of almost twenty albums. Since 2017, the festival has also made its space available for the productions of promotional materials, carried out in cooperation with festival artists.

See you in Żory!