Photo Workshops / Master class

A reportage and a portrait in practice with Bogdan Krężel
July 14-20, 2018, Żory Municipal Cultural Center (MOK)

The workshops are addressed to people for whom photography is a passion; a group up to 12 people.
The workshops will be divided into two blocks: theoretical and practical.


Workshop plan:
The theoretical part will discuss:
 - basic principles of reportage and methods of work
 - portrait, work with a model, light types, the choice of scenery
 - photo editing basics / Photoshop / Lightroom

Every day, students divided into two groups will receive the following tasks:
- a series of five pictures showing the backstage of the festival
- taking a series of 5 photos from the performance of the artists on stage
- take 5 portraits of festival participants

Each workshop participant will take part in three one-and-a-half hour group theoretical classes and three one-and-a-half hour practical classes. The detailed schedule of classes will be agreed with the participants during the organizational meeting. The plan will take into account the time possibilities of the participants in order to make the most of the offered package of activities. A meeting summarizing the workshop struggles will take place at the end of the workshops.

Bogdan Krężel will award two best photos taken during the workshops. The first prize is 1,500 PLN and the second one is 750 PLN.
We will announce the winners on Sunday, July 22, during the Final of the Vocal Competition and the Finals of Photo Workshops.
The cost of participation in the workshop is 500 PLN. The workshop participants under the supervision of the instructor will have free access to music workshops and festival concerts. Send your application here: REGISTRATION FORM