Instrumental workshops

Workshops in Jazz Collective Interaction and Open Forms 
August 2019.
The workshops are directed to instrumentalists who are interested in making music and creating music forms in a spontaneous way. The workshops program includes a variety of thematic blocks. Every day begins with common rhytm classes of which each class is led by a different teacher. The participants are assigned to groups where they work for six days under the supervision of respected and world-renowed professionals. Workshop panel discussions are held with professional musicians and a manager-creator of the Jazz Po Polsku project. All the classes are conducted by outstanding personalities notorious for their bein active at the world jazz scene:

Elchin Sirinov (Azerbaijan)
András Dés (Hungary)
Krzysztof Gradziuk (Poland)
Edilson Sanchez (Colombia)
Manu Domergue (France)
Anna Gadt (Poland)

The workshops are a great opportunity to broaden the practical knowledge about collective improvisation. All-night jam sessions will enable you to make music with the best performers of the European jazz scene. An additional value of the workshops is a unique vibe of the festival and a presence of the international group of promoters. The workshops will end with a club concert of the instrumentalists.

If you have any questions, feel free to write (