Instrumental workshops / Registration

In order to register you have to fill out our Online Application Form.
Don't forget to write about yourself and about what motivates you to join Voicingers. We select participants based on what they write there. Once you hear from us that you are good to go, you can proceed to your registration fee (it is 100 euro and it is NOT refundable).

The price tag on participation in Żory  Workshops in Jazz Collective Interaction and Open Forms is 200 euro. The remaining 100 euro you will be charged on arrival at our volunteers' stand in MOK.

To check on lodging prices in Żory go to "Festival" and then "Lodging" sections.
To estimate your overall expenses of joining our festival we only mention that it is possible in Żory to have a nice home cooked lunch/dinner for less than 4 euro!
To register successfully, make sure that you go to our Online Application Form and chose " Warsztaty Jazzowej Interakcji Zespołowej i Form Otwartych", then fill out the form, and send it to us. In "comments", write a little bit about yourself, about how you got to know about our festival and what expectations you are coming over with.
The number of participants is limited!

If you have questions send mail to