Voicingers Festival was born to provide the access to the most original and forthcoming music projects of which the element of improvisation is the axis and the key to ever blossoming freshness in music making. Besides working for the benefit of young professionals and those whose career has already been established Voicingers Festival helps those for personal approach to music making is a path through life. Therefore the festival:

- organizes International Jazz Contest for Singing Musicians. It takes place yearly in the town of Żory, Upper Silesia, Poland

- shapes young musicians with a miscellany of individual and group activities during Voicingers Workshops. Breathning techniques, form improvisation, interpretation, rhythm competence, articulation, relaxation abilities, playing in combos and singing in choirs are among the music skills that the Workshops in Jazz Collective Interaction and Open Forms and Music Makers' Vocal Scene Worksops focus on. Meant for working musicians as much as for non-professionals the classes are conducted by an international group of singers and instrumentalists from different areas of jazz, improvised and meditative music.

- introduces music education to whole families. With Art Classes for Kids Voicingers Festival makes it possible for parents to witness how their little ones experience the benefits of all sorts of art group activities. While discovering faces of live music new bonds between parents and their children are created.

- promotes young generation of performing artists through concerts organized at Voicigers Festival stages with Jazz Open Stage Showcase presentations in the presence of independent labels and festivals' representatives.

- builds a platform of international cooperation between musicians, promotors, journalists, labels, festivals, jazz contests and clubs whose goal is to create real opportunities for
intercultural exchange of ideas through music.

- animates local communities at Summer Art Camp providing a free active acess to all kinds of self-improvement events. Photography, creative writing, pantomime, acting, food
philosophy, pottery, dancing, story telling are among arts present and available at the camp.

- entertains through a series of out and indoor concerts in numerous locations within Żory microregion. Live Music Nights is the jamming stage available to all for the whole duration of the Voicingers Festival.

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