Vocal contest / Rhythm sections


Elchin Shirinov (Azerbaijan)

One of those Azerbaijani jazz musicians whose talent put them on the road. He comes from a family with folk music traditions and he is a self-tought pianist who never attended a a class in formal music school. He is a true source of positive energy . Fruitarian and yoga instructor. A friend of the World.

Mateusz Gawęda

Graduate of the Krakow Academy of Music, where he studied jazz piano under Dr. Joachim Mencel. Co-founder of the groups Pezda/Gawęda Duo, Mateusz Gawęda Trio, PeGaPoFo and Cracow Jazz Collective, whose repertoire primarily consists of his own original compositions.
Worked and performed with numerous renowned Polish and foreign jazz musicians. He recorded with ECM’s artist like Maciej Obara and Ralph Alessi.

double bas:

Mateusz Szewczyk (Poland)

A student at the Music Academy in Katowice. Since he was a child he has been playing both upright and electric basses under supervision of his father. Among his teachers are Jacek Niedziela, Adam Kowalewski, Michał Barański, Wojciech Gąsior. He has experience playing with vocalists while working in numerous workshop rhythm sections but backing Kevin Mahogany has been so far the highlights of his career. He definitely needs to change his passport!

Alan Wykpisz (Poland)

One of the most awarded double bass players among the Polish young generation of jazz musicians. Currently a student of the Katowice Academy of Music Jazz Department considered the most prestigious in Poland. His flag formation is calle High Definition. A cool guy!

Mariusz Praśniewski (Poland)

He just graduated studying in Danmark with one leg in a foreign land and the other on his native soil. One of the most fascinating bass players of Polish new jazz generation. Soul people. An oasis of peace!


Grzegorz Pałka (Poland)

A drummer during his academic apprenticeship. You couldn't help him being charming even if you tried hard. Smooth operator from Paczółtowice.

András Dés (Hungary)

One of the leading percussionists of the Hungarian jazz scene. He worked in numerous formations and played innumerable concerts around our globe. He has contributed to more than 80 albums and composed several film and theatre scores. Over the past years, Dés has developed his own percussion set: the one of a half percussionist and half a drummer. Spectacular to watch. Imaginative to listen to!

Grzegorz Masłowski (Poland)

Drummer related with Cracovian jazz scene. Winner of numerous prizes in international music competitions. An improviser working with the cream of the Polish jazz musicians.

Krzysztof Gradziuk (Poland)

A drummer and a jazz teacher comprehensively educated, experienced and titled. A graduate of the Jazz Institute of Academy of Music in Katowice. A scholarship holder of the Hohschule für Musik und Theater in Leipzig. A member of the RGG trio, one of the leading jazz bands in Poland. A permanent associate of top Polish jazz musicians, including Tomasz Stańko, in his new quartet. An esthet of percussive sound, a colorist and melody lover. The artistic truth he speaks is fed by his innate skepticism and the reluctance with which he approches any prospect of compromise.