Art Camp

The Voicingers Festival has been in operation for 11 years and is constantly evolving.

On the occasion of the tenth edition of the festival, in addition to genre-rich musical presentations (alternative music, jazz, avantgarde, folk, rock, blues, ethno, off, soul), jazz vocal contest, jam sessions and music workshops for children and youth, we also organize gatherings for various fields of arts (pantomime, theatrical, dance improvisation), lectures (on the subject of the art of healthy eating, linguistics, travel), yoga and relaxation classes.

We want the Summer Art Camp to become an artistic holiday location for whole families. Żory is a unique place to escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Located in wooded areas, it offers a range of opportunities to spend an active holiday with art. Among the tangle of long bicycle routes in forests surrounding this medieval town, it is not uncommon to find charming corners, forest glades and fish ponds. Twinpigs western town - the headquarters of the festival, located near a giant landscape park and in the vicinity of Śmieszek bathing beach, is the perfect place for a holiday base.

The Art Camp is a form of summer play centre. A grotesque athmosphere of the festival's night shelter plays its role. The children sleep in the six or twelve-person prison cells of the Twinpigs western town while the parents have at their disposal two-bedded rooms located in the vicinity of the cells. Adults can enjoy the music nights at the jam sessions nearby while their children gain strength before another day of art activities.

During the day, parents will have access to selected workshops and lectures held in the relaxing atmosphere of the festival ballet hall or teahouse in the old town of Żory, while children from 10:00 to 18:00 will enjoy music, theater and art classes. Every evening, for almost two weeks, in a Texas restaurant located within a stone throw from the festival night shelter, where we also prepared rooms for the participants of the Summer Art Camp, you will be able listen to live music performed by the most prominent jazzmen from Europe, America and Asia-artists of the Voicingers Festival.