IX Jazz Vocal Scene Workshop
Żory, 10-20 August 2017
Jazz is a language with its own grammar, therefore it is possible for the one who understands it to create spontaneously - an infinite variety of musical expressions in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. VOICINGERS Jazz Vocal Scene Workshop aims for its participants - instrumentalists as well as singers who are interested in making music in a spontaneous manner to profit from exposure to the charisma of outstanding professionals, whose work "makes them speak" this particular language on regular basis. Our activities are intended to deepen the knowledge of the elements of music. They will be discussed in manners easy to get by those who know music from listening only.
Our goal is to provide information and practice of the basics of both jazz style (improvisation, form, technique), as well as music-making in a group. Exploring the art of free expression through the use of simple measures, such as control of rhythm and melody, all based on the individual's characteristics is what we do.
For workshop Jazz Vocal Scene Workshop, since Saturday 'till Sunday, we planned four classes:
  9:30-11:00 - classes
11:15-12:45 - classes
12:45-14:15 - lunch break
14:15-15:45 - classes
16:00-17:30 - classes

International Jazz Competition for Singing Musicians presentations kick off at 6 p.m! On Sunday all classes end up at lunch break. The festival is preparing for the final concert which starts at 5 p.m. 
There is possibility to arrange a private lesson with our teachers. the price of a lesson is 50 PLN or 13 euro. If you want to know more, ask at

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