Contest / Rules

1. How does one apply to enter?

Registration of candidates goes online. In the registration form you will be asked to give your personal details and upload:

  • the English text about your music and how it relates to who you are in a few sentences, written in the 3rd person singular. Please, make it concise and the essence of it including the link to your website. in your text don't write about your achievements.  Also give us information on what country's passport holder you are (visa invitations for participants from outside of EU may apply).
  • three high-quality digital photographs for press purposes (maximum size of a one file is 6MB). at least one of them showing you looking into the camera's lens.
  • three audio files of your choice (only MP3 files, that do not exceed 16MB size limit, are uploadable), depicting a variety of repertoire selections that is: characteristic and currently representative of you as the performer, preferably your originals. let us taste the sound of your NATIVE LANGUAGE in your music if lyrics is the part of it. make sure the names of the files you send contain letters only!
  • at least two songs must be up tempo. we love ballads but each evening will host up to three different singers who also might share your sentiment for ballads :D

The deadline for the registration is the may 1, 2018! The registration fee for all applicants is 30 Euro. The additional contest fee of 120 EUR will ONLY be charged from the candidates chosen to take part in the competition. The registration fee payment is to be made within three working days from the registration date. The contest fee is to be made within three working days from receiving the information about being accepted for the competition. The payment can be made via PayPal or DotPay systems. The registration fee is not refundable.

In order to register successfully and at once, make sure that you go to our Online Application Form and choose "International Jazz Contest For Singing Musicians", then fill out the form and send it to us. In "comments", you can write a litte bit about yourself, apart from what we learn from you bio, if you think there is anything we might need to know about you.

Important for participants requiring EU visa! Along with your "bio", send us the following information: your full name (as in your passport), your passport number and address of your current residence, the name of the city where you will be applying for your visa (check the list of polish consulates in your country) as well as the dates of your arrival and departure from Poland. We want to be able to send you your visa invitations as soon as your participation in the contest is announced.

2. Who will be chosen?

The Contest is intended for vocalists born after January 1, 1970. Up to eight semi-finalists will be selected on the basis of the materials sent with the registration forms. The selection will be carried out by members of a jury made up of jazz musicians. The factors to be considered by the jury will be: overall musicality, performance style, technical abilities, general cohesion of repertoire and originality. The order of appearances at the competition will be established on a random basis, and the competitiors chosen to perform will be announced untill May 5, 2018.

3. How will the competition proceed?

SEMIFINALS (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday). Semifinal presentation will take place in concert hall of the Municipal Cultural Center in Żory (250 people capacity). Three candidates will be auditioned each day. Start at 6:00 p.m.

Each of the 8 semifinalist will be given 75 min for rehearsal with one of the festival rhythm sections (from 8:30 a.m.-12:45 p.m.) and will present themselves on our festival stage in a 30 min program, which will include:

  • preferably original compositions
  • at least one composition in participant's native language (for English native speakers a composition sang in foreign language)
  • one tune arranged with the rhythm section during the rehearsal

After the last semifinal presentations on Saturday evening jury will announce names of five vocalists chosen for the Finals.

FINALS (Sunday). Finals presentations start at 5:00 p.m. Finalists will present themselves in a 10 min performance (maximum!) and a different repertoire. Each presentation will be preceded by a 30 min rehearsal (order of the performances will be chosen by drawing of lots). After the last audition jury will deliberate and set the order of prizes which will be followed by announcement of the results and presentation of awards.

4. What are the prizes?

-1st Prize

 14.000 PLN worth of a contract for an album release and international distribution of it with and by a Slovak label Hevhetia (go to website)

   4.000 PLN worth of a contract for the CD promotion appearance at Hevhetia Fest 2018 (go to website)

   4.000 PLN worth of two-day recording sessions in RecPublica studio in Lubrza, Poland (go to website) Buying an additional recording session day from RecPublica Studio is the condition of accepting the two-day recording session prize.

   2.000 PLN - Żory Municipality Prize (roughly 950 Euro)

access to audio/video materials recorded during the competition performance

-2nd Prize

   2000 PLN - Hevhetia's Prize

access to audio/video materials recorded during the competition performance

Everyone participating in the contest is offered a chance to meet Voicingers' partners. This year it will be our contest jurors and Voicingers Showcase guests.

Jan Sudzina-Hevhetia (Presov), Tamas Bognar-Budapest Music Center, Sergiy Grabar-Jidnist Jazz Festival (Kiev), Krzysztof Kobyliński-Palm Jazz (Gliwice), Jakub Krzeszowski-Jazz Po Polsku (Warszawa)

5. Organizers' commitments

The organizers will provide accommodation with breakfast for all of the contest's participants from the day before the presentations begin until the day after the finals.

The organizers will provide stage with full PA and technical stuff

The organizer will provide experienced, international rhythm sections including: piano, bass and drums.

The organizer will record all the presentations and reserves the right to use the recorded material FREELY for further Voicingers promotion. Only chosen materials will be published.

Each participant will be entitled to 75 min rehearsal with the rhythm section on the day of their presentation.

6. Competition participants' commitments:

Each participant understands that their very registration is a binding contract with Voicingers upon which they guarantee their availability for the contest in case of being chosen to participate in it, unless their inability to comply with it subjects to the rule of force majeur.

Each participant will be obliged to read the Regulations and agree with the rules of the competition.

Each participant will be obliged to perform their competition presentation on the date selected by the organizers, bearing in mind that the very application to the International Contest for Singing Musicians commits the applicant to keeping their dates for Voicingers untill the day the list of the semi-finals participants is announced. 

Each participant will be obliged, upon being accepted to the competition, to present to the promoter the list of songs planned for the performance (at least 7 days before the contest's start)

Each participant will be obliged to prepare a clearly written sheet music for the rhythm section.

The contestant providing the audio owns all copyrights associated with the audio and its content or has authorization to use it. The contestant authorizes Voicingers to use, promote, distribute, and/or display the content that may be otherwise protected by any proprietary rights

7. Can I get the audio and video recording of my performance? 

All the semi-finals and finals presentations are audio recorded on a stereo balanced system as well as on video (two tunes are chosen for video recording during the rehearsal). if you want to get the recording of your performance along with the video tracks for editing either a high quality clip of your own sound and picture preferences or live audio presentation, you need to provide us with a 32GB flash memory stick. the service fee of 50 euro will be charged by selected Voicingers representative.

8. Do you want your video to look cool?

Try to see yourself with the eyes of the audience and the camera men then you want to make sure that you don't want your bass player directly behind your back. Make sure that there are no idle mic stands surrounding you.

The bottom line: Come up with your original music ideas! If you are not American keep away from American song book repertoire (name one European or Asian singer who made it singing jazz standards then think if you want to follow their footsteps).  Make sure your ideas are simple and provide with a room for making music (the rhythm section is not your regular band)

See you in Żory