Contest / Judges

The judges of the International Jazz Contest for Singing Musicians 2017 will be:

Jan Sudzina, Slovakia

Producer running a Slovak label HEVHETIA. One the most significant cultural activists in Slovakia. In 2013 he presided over the commitee organizing a gigantic enterprise -Kosice European Capital of Culture delivering more than 500 events within the twelve months. His label-HEVHETIA, founder of this year's Grand Prix, managed to put into its catalogue over a hundred titels since year 2004. A peacful man in love with music. Joker.


Anna SerafiƄska, Poland

Jazz singer, teacher with a pile of experience, one of the main voicies of the Polish music scene


Sergiy Grabar, Ukraine

Writer, jazz fan, promotor, organizer of Yednist Jazz Festival. The President of All-Ukrainian Jazz Association. A warm-hearted fellow.


Tamas Bognar, Hungary

Expert on what is up on european jazz scene. for ytears managing production at the Budapest Music Center. Funny and Serious at the same time. He cannot hide his feelings.